4+1 awakening practices that will surprise you

Early to bed, early to rise” is a proverb that seems trivial but carries a great truth: the morning is a precious time to live a life of balance and well-being.

In fact, the way you wake up and the practices you do in the morning have a big impact on how the rest of the day will unfold, and if you repeat these practices day after day their impact will be daily and lasting, for better or worse.

We often hear about morning routines , and sometimes we may think that establishing a healthy and complete one is for a few people, certainly not for us who have many commitments and little time to fit them together. Having a morning routine that brings balance to your life really should not be something unattainable or overly complicated, and if it seems so it simply means that these are not the right practices for you.

The right morning practices for you: the "perfect" routine does not exist

In fact, the first and fundamental advice I would give you is to try various practices to find your own morning routine that is respectful of your personal rhythms, the components of your life that are different from those of any other person.

The perfect morning routine does not exist; let’s dispel this myth. There are useful and widespread practices that have been shown to benefit the lives of those who apply them, but there is no foolproof combination of these practices. You have to find the right ones for you.

That is why in this article I want to propose 5 of them, explaining why they can be helpful for your balance, but then it will be up to you to try them and see if they are the right ones. Some you may have already heard some you may not (like the last one for example); let’s see together not only what they consist of, but why they will help your balance.

5 practices to do when you wake up and why they will bring you balance

Whether you are part of the “5 a.m. Club” or not, the most important choice starts with what to do as soon as you wake up, rather than when.

Whatever time your alarm goes off, in fact, setting it just half an hour earlier than usual would be enough to change your habits and thus your life.

That said, here are the 5 practices to do when you wake up:

  1. THE MORNING PAGES or Journaling. You don’t have to be a great writer or have interesting things to say; on the contrary, this practice is really about throwing down everything useless that crowds our minds as soon as we wake up. In fact, this practice should be done in bed, even before the visual stimuli from our home can reach us and crowd our minds.

Why do the morning pages? Because they catch us still half-asleep, allow us to lock up in our notebooks all the excess thoughts that would otherwise take away our energy to do more important things.

  1. DRINKING. Plain water (room temperature or warm) or with added lemon: having a glass within reach when you wake up is important. We often rush into the shower or onto a hasty breakfast, forgetting a fundamental aspect of a healthy body and mind: hydration.

Why drink as soon as you wake up? Because introducing water into a body that has not drunk for the previous 7-8 hours reactivates the body, helps the mind wake up and the body prepare to introduce food and burn energy.

  1. GENTLE MOVEMENT. When you wake up, the body needs some time to reactivate and you to reconnect with it. Don’t start out with big demands; a little stretching or dancing to loosen up your muscles already has a big impact on your well-being.

Why move in a gentle way? Because immediately pushing your body into a frantic rush toward work or any other commitment is an act of self-sabotage: for you to get through the day, you need to give yourself time to reactivate every area of your body and mind, only then you will know how to use energy in a balanced way and not arrive at the end of the day destroyed.

  1. BREATH. As with water, we often forget that without oxygen we do not live. Opening the windows, if you have a chance take a few steps in the fresh air, and taking a few conscious breaths with your eyes closed are practices within everyone’s reach and very useful.

Why do breathing practices in the morning? Because we allow the brain to re-oxygenate, cleanse ourselves of the previous day’s thoughts and inhale new energy for the day ahead. Focusing on the breath upon awakening is a true act of self-love.

  1. CLEANING. And I don’t mean classic space cleaning, but a kind of morning decluttering: every day choose an object you see around you, observe it, and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”, “When was the last time I used it?”, “How and when do I want to use it?” It may sound strange but it works.

Why do decluttering in waking up? Adopting this practice leads you over time to surround yourself only with what really makes you feel good, but especially doing it in the morning is a great way to get the mind away from hectic thoughts, and to stimulate it to creativity: In fact, with this practice you will not only start your day lighter because you will free up physical and mental space, but you will stimulate your ingenuity to find a new use or revive something that lay forgotten, awakening the creative child in you.

I’ll be waiting for you in the comments to know which of these you already knew and which are your favorites!


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