The inspiration to create this multi blog comes from my favorite movie: Eat Pray Love .

To it, I gave my own interpretation:

I see traveling as a form of “prayer” that helps us knowing ourselves more deeply and, thus, get closer to the “divine”.

Exploring, learning about new cultures, getting in touch with different ways of living life, helps us to open our minds and hearts. It teaches us to love the other.

If I was asked for a definition of the verb to travel, it would be: to grow by exploring.

Only in this way we can change, improve ourselves, learn about our passions, find out in which part of the world we feel most comfortable, – without cultural constraints and limitations.

Therefore, I have two main purposes with my website:

  1. To help, through a personalised assistance during the organization of their travel, all those who, like me, want to embark on the adventure of solo travel but do not have enough courage/strength/knowledge to do so;
  2. Bringing together all my passions and knowledge that I have acquired through my travels, trainings and my personal and professional growth.

In this blog, you can read about international cuisine, as a tool for learning about local culture; about the best restaurants around the world; about hobbies and passions, such as photography, a tool that helps us capture a moment, a landscape…a memory; of body care and “self-care” using methods and recipes related to local cultures and ancestral traditions…In short, there is something for everyone in this multi-blog!

Also, you can join my Community of solo traveling women!

I left my homeland years ago now, with the purpose of learning more about this world, without much money in my pocket, but with a lot of desire to test myself and push myself beyond all limits and fears…do you want to set off on your own personal adventure too?

Book your solo trip with my program “MyFriend In” to the Canary Islands and, soon, to many new destinations in Europe!

I will tell you my story, we will have fun together and you will discover my “tricks” for living fully and in total freedom.

This trip will change your life!

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🇪🇸Viajar solo significa independencia, iniciativa y crecimiento.

Mucha gente intentará transmitirte su miedos o convencerte de que es aburrido.
Pero no te dejes llevar por los prejuicios. Sal de tu zona de confort, descubre nuevos lugares, conoce nuevas culturas y personas que dejarán una huella en tu camino

Es la mejor manera de conocer al mundo y a tí mism@ 🫶🏼


🇬🇧Travelling solo means independence, initiative, and growth.

Many people will try to pass you their fears to you or convince you that it is boring. But do not get carried away by prejudices. Get out of your comfort zone, discover new places, and meet new cultures and people who will leave a mark on your path. 

It is the best way to know the world and yourself.


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🇮🇨 Feliz día de Canarias a todos los Canarios 🇮🇨

Tierra y pueblo maravilloso, que te acogen y te incluyen.
Donde la condición de isla desarolla fuerte el sentido de pertenencia junto al orgullo y privilegio para los que han nacido aquí 🫶🏼 

Gente que nunca pierde la sonrisa, que sabe disfrutar de la naturaleza y de lo bonito que puede ofrecer.

Gracias Canarias por todo lo que has aportado a mi vida (amistades, fuerza, crecimiento, desconexión y reconexión) y espero seguir creciendo contigo 💙💚

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🇪🇸Mañana es día de Canarias 🫶🏼🇮🇨
Y estaba pensando que sería imposible resumir la belleza de todas las 8 islas en in video 🎞
Pero lo intentamos 💪🏻

Y tú ¿cuantas y cuales islas ha visitado?
Te gustaría descubrir Gran Canaria conmigo? 😃

Entra en mi enlace en bio y selecciona tu excursión con "My Friend in" 🫶🏼💕


🇬🇧Tomorrow is Canary Islands day 🫶🏼🇮🇨
I was thinking that would be impossible to summarise the beauty of all 8 islands in a video 🎞 but we tried 💪🏻

And you, how many and which islands have you visited?
Would you like to discover Gran Canaria with me? 😃

Enter my link in bio and select your excursion with "My Friend in" 🫶🏼💕


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