The best books on personal growth

In this article you will find 5 books on personal growth that you absolutely must read, write them down so you don’t miss them! But first, let’s understand together why each of us should do self-growth-themed readings.

Why is it important to read about personal growth

If reading was once a privilege for the few, today all of us have the proper tools to turn reading a book not only into an educational necessity but also into a full-fledged pleasure.

Among the various existing literary genres, there are some that, more than others, embrace both the educational and pleasure aspects. One in particular has climbed the heights of the most sought-after among readers in recent times: that of personal growth.

In an increasingly fast-moving society, a need has emerged in recent years for many people that had been overridden by work duties and daily commitments: the need to take care of oneself.

More and more, we are coming back to the awareness of how important it is to work on ourselves in order to have a satisfying and happy life. However, as much as we tend to think of the attainment of that much-desired happy life as a goal, it is actually a journey, with a beginning but no real end.

Indeed, we never stop growing and evolving as people, which is why reading books on personal growth can prove to be an excellent habit.

Finding time to read as self-care: how to do it

Taking care of ourselves is important to building the foundation for a healthy and happy life, yet we often tend to think of it as a secondary aspect of our days, something to do in the scraps of time between duties and commitments.

How many times have you found yourself looking at the pile of books on the bedside table and thinking “As soon as I have time I will read them”?

Actually, you already have that time, it’s just a matter of mindset: in fact, to find time to read, we have to change our mental set-up.

Let’s see together how to do this through three small steps:

  • The first step is to transform the personal narrative of self-care and decide that taking care of ourselves is not just a pleasure but a duty, on the same level as delivering that document or writing that work e-mail.
  • The second step is to conceive of reading as an act of self-care, a nourishment as necessary as daily meals; we will then discover that time for nourishing ourselves with a few words exists.
  • The third step involves making the following mantra your own: every little grain forms the sand. In fact, we often feel that we do not have time to do what we enjoy and makes us feel good because we demand too much of ourselves and we give ourselves very vague goals.

For example, what if instead of setting as our goal “read 20 books a year”– which is too general and makes us feel guilty when it’s February and we haven’t read anything yet- we decide to commit ourselves to read a page daily?The possibility will become a reality, we will feel satisfied and spurred to maintain the habit.

A page a day may seem small, like a grain in the middle of the sand, but it is from the importance of each grain that the beach on which we walk was born.

The best books on personal growth

Now that we have established the importance of nurturing our personal growth path through reading and have figured out how to make time for it, another question may arise:“Which books should I start with?”.

Let’s find it out together with a list of the 5 best books on personal growth.

1. The Power of Now

The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle. Probably one of the most famous, but it could not be missing from the list. A reading that brings us back here, to the present moment, to a now where problems no longer exist in the way we used to think, because we are perfect and whole, here and now.

2. The four agreements

The 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Four life teachings conveyed by one of the spokesmen of the wisdom of the Toltec people. A book that offers revolutionary insights that we can carry with us every day to deconstruct the limiting beliefs we live with, without even being aware.

3. Your erroneous zones

Your erroneous zones by Wayne W. Dyer. A handbook for leaving behind unnecessary thoughts and gaining one’s independence of judgment and behavior.

4. Kintsukuroi - The Japanese Art of Healing the Wounds of the Soul.

Kintsukuroi – The Japanese Art of Healing the Wounds of the Soul” by Tomás Navarro. The ancient Japanese art of repairing shattered pottery responds to the idea that a repaired vessel shows as much fragility as true beauty. This book provides all the tools to become masters of healing our wounds and shine again with new light.

5. The artist's way

The artist’s way by Julia Cameron. A book for everyone, for those who consider themselves creative and those who don’t, those who have no artistic dreams and those who do. A real path that, through reflections and practical exercises, leads to finding one’s inner compass and bringing creativity back into one’s life. Because artistic expression is the natural direction of everyone’s life. A book that brings you back to a life in colours.

All you have to do is pick the one that resonates most with you and start making room for your new friend on your bedside table.

I’ll be waiting for you on Instagram, let me know which of these books you will start with or if you have others to add to the list !


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