A weekend on the Amalfi Coast

It is certainly one of the most renowned and famous destinations in Italy.

Characterized by villages built overhanging the sea, deep blue waters, bright colors … the coast stretches for 50 kilometers, starting from the city of Salerno to finish in the beautiful Sorrento.

The most famous villages on the Amalfi Coast are:

1. Salerno;
2. Vietri sul Mare;
3. Cetara;
4. Erchie;
5. Maiori;
6. Minori;
7. Tramonti;
8. Atrani;
9. Amalfi;
10. Conca dei Marini;
11. Furore;
12. Praiano;
13. Positano;
14. Marina del Cantone;
15. Sorrento.

Let’s see how to get to and around one of the most famous stops in the Bel Paese.

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How to get to and around the Amalfi Coast

Setting Naples as your starting point (whether you get there by Plane, Train or Bus), to reach the Amalfi Coast you need to get as far as Sorrento in order to start your tour.

Here you can get there by car or with one of the Circumvesuviana trains that leave from Naples Piazza Garibaldi station about every half hour (on the “ Ente Autonomo Volturno ” website you will find all the timetables and useful information).

Sorrento is also directly reachable from Naples Capodichino Airport , thanks to the Curreri bus line, which depart from the P1 parking area of the airport. At the link you will find all timetables.

  • From Sorrento, you can rent a car or continue with the buses of the Sita line. But be careful, due to heavy traffic, the times shown are not always respected and you could run into overcrowded buses, especially in the summer season.

In fact, all the towns of the coast are connected by a single state road, the 163, called the Amalfi. The carriageway consists of only one lane in each direction, which is why you will not always find it smooth. Traveling by car, however, you will be able to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of Italy and, I dare say, of the world.

Strada costiera amalfitana
  • If you decide to move by car, consider an extra expense to be faced: the cost of parking. In fact, there is no possibility of finding free parking, and the cost (whether it is public or private parking) can strat from € 5.00 per hour.

Below, I will indicate the name of the main guarded car parks in Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi.


  1. Achille Lauro Municipal Parking : € 2.00 / hour; € 24.00 / day;
  2. Vallone dei Mulini Chiomenzano car park : € 2.50 / hour; € 27.00 / day;
  3. Marina Piccola garage : € 22.00 / six hours; € 26.00 / twelve hours; € 32.00 / day.


  1. Gennaro’s Parking
    : €5.00/hour;
  2. Mandara parking : € 5.00 / hour;

Amalfi / Atrani:

  1. Luna Rossa parking : € 3.00 / hour; it is a huge parking dug into the mountain with a long tunnel that on one side leads to Amalfi and on the other to the historic center of Atrani.

Since the most comfortable solution is, without any doubt, getting around by car, I would recommend the following solution.

  • Look for a hotel / accommodation with parking space and move between the various villages by ferry (during the day) and by Taxi (in the evening): it could be a convenient alternative that will allow you to relax and not spend too much on parking.

At this link you will find the timetables of the Travelmar line, which makes connections between Positano and Salerno. Prices per route / passenger start at € 3.00, but you will have the opportunity to experience the Amalfi Coast from a spectacular perspective.

As for the taxi service , these are easily available in all the municipalities of the Coast. They can carry up to 7 passengers, but very often it will be necessary to make a reservation in advance.

Below I report the indicative prices of taxis on the Amalfi Coast :

Taxi Amalfi – Positano : 70 euros

Taxi Amalfi – Salerno : 100 euros

Taxi Positano – Naples : 140 euros

Taxi Sorrento – Positano : 80 euros

Having said that…we set off to explore the most important and famous towns on the Amalfi Coast: Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi.

The most beautiful cities of the Amalfi Coast

Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi are just three of the wonderful villages perched along the Amalfi Coast.

The beauty of these towns lies exactly in their structure and uniqueness. If you want to appreciate its all-around charm, my advice is to get there by boat (if you can make a day trip) or, as already mentioned, by ferry.

The view you can enjoy from this perspective is undoubtedly magnificent and not to be missed.

View of Positano

The best way to explore these villages is to get lost among the small stores of local handicrafts, featuring bright colors and heady scents.

Treat yourself to an aperitif on one of the countless terraces from which you can enjoy unique atmospheres and breathtaking views.

If you want to know more about these small towns, read also these articles, where I list some of the stops you absolutely cannot miss.


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