Positano is definitely the most famous and picturesque town on the Amalfi Coast. Also known as “the vertical city,” you will get the impression that it is lying on the rocky mountainside. I think this quote describes it perfectly:

In this incomprehensible landscape, only the sea is horizontal, and everything that is dry land is almost perpendicular ”.

Let’s see what are the must-sees of this Partenopean wonder.

What to see in Positano

  1. Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church: coming from the sea, it is the undisputed star of the landscape that stands before your eyes and the symbol of Positano. Brilliant in the sunlight, thanks to its golden and green tiles, it will leave you breathless. You will get the feeling that it is embedded in the very cliffs. All around, in fact, the characteristic pastel-colored houses seem to climb the rock face of this unique southern Italian town.
Positano Amalfi coast

2. Lose yourself in the flowery alleys : as already mentioned, the magic of this city is its very vertical composition, its pergola lanes that climb up the mountain, the alleys that suddenly open onto breathtaking viewpoints.

Savor its scents and take the opportunity to take a look at the many shops specializing in the creation of local crafts, homemade limoncello and, of course, the well-known Positano Beach fashion .

3. Art Galleries : you will be amazed by the quantity of Art Galleries that hide among the little shops in the streets of the city.

Gallerie d'arte positano

When I was there, I was lucky enough to be able to attend this beautiful exhibition where the works of the Sicilian sculptor Giacinto Bosco were exhibited, including “I promise you the moon” .

4. Positano beach : exactly in front of the Church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta, there is Spiaggia Grande, mainly composed of pebbles. It is divided between an equipped area and a free beach. To access the free beach, one must first register on an App and/or pay the access fee of €10.00 per person. While, as for the equipped beach, it is convenient to book in advance.

These are beaches that have repeatedly won the Blue Flag , one of the world’s most recognised awards for beaches, marinas, and sustainable tourism boats. If you have time, it is an experience that I would recommend you to live: immerse yourself in the deep and crystalline waters, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, eating a delicious slice of pizza … what else?

5. Culinary stop ? If you are wondering what and where to eat in Positano, I leave you with a couple of recommendations. Personally, having visited it during the day and not having much time available, I preferred to make a quick stop for lunch, eating a pizza at Collina Positano Bakery , a small takeaway / pizzeria. If not very crowded, you can eat a pizza on one of the tables inside or if not take pieces of take-away rotisserie. I then took the opportunity to cool off with a lemon slush, bought in a typical street kiosk at the price of € 2.50. And finally, coffee break (that will also help you to shelter from the high temperatures!).

However, the offer of traditional Neapolitan cuisine is so vast that you can choose according to any need and taste: first courses based on fresh fish; pizzas; Neapolitan rotisserie and, of course, a wide choice of desserts too! Neapolitan pastiera; “ricce” and “sfoglie” typical pastries in their gourmet versions; homemade lemon sorbet…and I could go on and on!

Finally, if you have time for a quiet lunch break and want to treat yourself to a little luxury…a must stop at Chez Black! It enjoys a prime location, at the foot of the Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church, and an enviable gastronomic selection. Could it be for this reason that even Italian VIPs choose it?

Chez Black Positano

Save your itinerary in Positano!

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Destination for solo travelling women?

Our rating: 4/5

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