Sweet or savory breakfast? Have a look to the traditions around the world

Breakfast, whether sweet or savory, is one of life’s pleasures. Leaving aside those who “only have a coffee in the morning”, it is well known that one of the great diatribes in food traditions is about morning preferences: sweet or savory breakfast?

Those who travel a lot know that any excuse is a good one to have new culinary experiences, and there is no better way to approach typical local food than through breakfast. If you, too, are looking forward to waking up in a new city and throwing on a nice breakfast, you’ve come to the right place: today we’ll travel among the world’s different breakfasts, I’ll be waiting you in the comments to know which ones you would run to try – or have already tried – and which ones you would never taste!

Breakfasts of Europe: a journey between sweet and savory, fried and smoked

Let’s start “lightly” with English breakfast. Savory reigns avowedly here: eggs cooked every which way, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and the inevitable beans in tomato sauce. Ideal for travelers who plan to burn several calories throughout the day.

.Iceland instead, is a ground for experimentation, For travelers who in new adventures also seek new flavors: a little cod oil to make the usual butter bread original, some smoked herring and a good spoonful of Skyr, fermented milk sweetened and flavored with different tastes.

Also with a marine background, we find Portugal. There’s something for everyone here: whether you have a sweet tooth and want to savor the delicious pastel de nata and bolo de riz, or you prefer savory and want to act like a real local by ordering a warm fish soup and codfish croquettes, you won’t be left with an empty stomach. Perfect for travelers who love slow, tasty mornings.

Latin Breakfasts: a journey into street food

Latin America proves to be the perfect place for those who, when traveling, like to enjoy their meal while observing life moving around them. We are indeed in the realm of street food.

In Chile we find a classic toast with avocado (if you want to learn more about this miracle fruit, read this article), oil, salt, lemon and tomato, accompanied by well-pulped juice; or, for the more daring, there is the option of coffee (nice and long) and sopaipilla, a pumpkin pancake to be dipped with some basic sauce such as ketchup or mustard or with more articulate sauces .

In Colombia and Venezuela one remains no less satiated: here it is a must to start the day with one-or more-arepas, a corn foccacina-like dish to be filled with meat and sauces at will.

In Argentina on the other hand, it’s not so much what you eat but what you drink that matters: it’s not a good day without Yerba Mate. Considered the substitute for coffee since it contains caffeine, mate involves a real social ritual: you all drink from the same container with a filtering “bombilla” (straw) and it is mandatory to stop whatever activity you are doing otherwise it can be interpreted as disrespect. Those traveling to Argentina can be sure, they will return home with their own mate set and will never be able to do without it again!

For each journey a food: more breakfasts around the world

Now we go to Australia. Impossible not to try Vegemite, a savory spread with brewer’s yeast extract, perfect on toast to recover from a surf session.

Kenya and Tanzania. Here it is traditional to start the day with a hearty and strictly savory meal: the most common isugali, similar to cornmeal porridge, accompanied by meat, fish, vegetables and broth. The choice is limited but the goodness and energy gained are assured.

Japan. Again, breakfast is no different from other meals: a good-and beneficial-properties miso soup or the ubiquitous rice, complete with seaweed or fish. Definitely not a dessert lover’s paradise, but it is the perfect country for those who want to start the day with healthy eating.

To conclude I will leave you with a tip: during your trip, plan visiting some small villages with still strong traditions, it is the best way to ensure a truly typical – and often cheaper – meal !


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