5 tools to start meditating

The practice of meditation is something that is becoming increasingly well-known even in the Western slice of the world, and in recent years it is becoming an important wellness tool for many people. It may happen, however, that you are intrigued but do not know where to start.

So let’s look together at 5 affordable tools for everyone to start meditating.

When to meditate? Choosing the right time

The first two instruments are related to the time, which is the first to be brought up when it comes to new habits: “I’d like to meditate, but I don’t have time” or “I can’t only stand still with my eyes closed for so long” are two thoughts that might turn us away from trying to meditate. But you know, prejudices are meant to be debunked.

Meditating can also take little time, especially in the beginning. It only takes a little to do a lot. And with the help of these two tools, getting started will be even easier.

  1. TIMER. When we are just starting out, the thought of time passing while we try to meditate can be disturbing: we can’t stop thinking about how much time is passing, the things we still have to do, the commitments we will have next, etc. This turns the experience into a nightmare. A simple timer can change that. When you feel the agitation begin to take control, applying Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule , set a 3-minute timer and, without thinking about it too much, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

While it may be difficult and annoying at first, there are more chances that after a couple of times you will feel like taking the minutes from 3 to 5, then to 7, and so on.

2.BLOCKNOTES. For a short time monitor in a notebook your energy during the days (if woman, pay attention also to the phase of your menstrual cycle you are in) and note the times when you are most tired, whether you are most productive in the evening or in the morning, etc. Then choose a time to devote each day to meditation that respects the energy peaks you have. Don’t be influenced by the habits of others; it is helpful to introduce new practices at times that suit you. Forcing yourself on schedules that are not your own is a true act of self-sabotage: in addition to struggling to concentrate, in fact, you are likely to abandon the practice even before you can experience the benefits.

Meditation for beginners: tools for finding concentration

Finding concentration is definitely the most difficult aspect when approaching meditation for the first time. Any external sound seems to be amplified, and our mind becomes a sounding board for every little thought that passes through there.

To aid concentration during meditation, however, there are two tools that, especially for those just starting out, can be central. These are items 3 and 4 on our list of 5 tools, let’s look at them now:

3. APP WITH GUIDED MEDITATIONS. In the beginning it may be helpful to rely on competent voices to guide us through the practice: distraction will be reduced and the mind will be more inclined to relax, letting go of control. In addition to numerous YouTube videos, there are also specific apps where you can to choose the type and duration of meditation; a well-known one, for example, is Petit BamBou, but you will surely find the best one for you. The advice is to choose one in your native language – the language can really make a difference.

4. PLAYLIST. There is little to say here: do a couple of tests and research. and create your own relaxing playlist – remember, without ads so as not to interrupt concentration- . Music is the ultimate tool when it comes to concentration and relaxation.

Start meditating: create your sacred space

Last but not least, the 5th tool within everyone’s reach to start meditating: space.

5. SACRED SPACE. Whether it’s an entire bookshelf or small cloth to pull out at the right time, creating a sacred space where you can meditate helps so much in the beginning, both to focus and to get into sympathy with the practice. Create your own shrine with a couple of items or phrases that remind you of how you want to feel after practice, wear comfortable and clean clothes, and light a candle. Do not underestimate the power of small gestures; in fact, these are very helpful in fostering a positive approach to practice.

I’ll be waiting for you in the comments to share a photo of your sacred space or your favorite meditation playlist!


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