5 false myths about travelling alone

Solo travel is a topic as idealized as it is demonized; today we are going to dispel 5 false myths that are built around solo travel.

False myth No. 1: we get bored

First of all a clarification needs to be made: boredom, it is useful and it is healthy! It helps stimulate creativity and allows you to better understand what you are craving for. In this sense, I wish anyone embarking on a journey, solo or with company, to be at least a little bored. That said, traveling alone is anything but boring.

Your time is in your hands and there are endless experiences to be had! By traveling alone, one can choose what to do solely according to one’s desires, as a result it is much more difficult to find oneself having a boring experience.

False myth No. 2: it is expensive

While it is true that traveling with other people cuts some costs, it is also true that solo travel saves money on so many other fronts: from lodging, thanks to solutions with shared rooms or spaces; to activities to do, on which we sometimes spend only to keep company with those we are with.

Not only that, the cost of a solo trip can also be reduced when it comes to food (no dinners with a shared bill and no aperitifs just so you are not the only one not taking anything) and shopping: when traveling solo you are more likely to collect experiences rather than objects.

False Myth No. 3: It is dangerous

This is perhaps the most entrenched false myth regarding solo travel of all. There is this idea that loneliness equals low security, but the two are not particularly related, and certainly the correlation does not increase just because you are traveling. What can happen on the road can happen anywhere in the world, including in your own hometown.

When you travel alone you are actually much more alert, you weigh your choices of where to go and what to do, you are much more aware of what is going on around; this leads to quicker leeway, easier avoidance of places or situations of potential insecurity, and greater reliance on one’s intuition. Traveling alone, therefore, is not only not less safe than traveling with other people, but may even be safer.

False Myth #4: It is difficult to make friends

Again, I find myself arguing the opposite, and I’ll explain why. When you are alone, communicating becomes an urgency: you cannot hide behind friends/partners for them to speak for you; whether it is more “forced” interactions by ordering at a restaurant or more spontaneous at the market stall, traveling alone puts you in constant situations where communicating is necessary.

Communicating often leads to chatting, and chatting can lead to making friends and, why not, end up sharing part of the travel itinerary with other people.

False Myth #5: You have to be an extrovert

To travel solo you have to be an extrovert: here’s another false myth to dispel! Being introverted, in fact, does not preclude you from enjoying a wonderful solo trip at all. Character makes us lean toward some activities rather than others, that’s for sure, but that’s the case in everyday life as well as on the road.

Traveling means exploring, and doing it solo means doing it at your own pace. In the end what matters is the intensity of the experience you have, not so much the amount of crazy moments you collect. In addition, those with an introverted nature tend to be more receptive to life’s little pleasures, thus being able to enjoy the many nuances that a journey brings.

I hope I have cleared up some doubts and made your mouth water, because going on a solo trip is far from what these false myths make us believe. Now you just have to experience it for yourself!

And if you are still not convinced, try the experience of the first solo trip with My Friend in…a world of new opportunities will open up to you!


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✨️No digas por ahí que estás sola 😄 si alguien molesto se te acerca, mientras que estás comiendo en una cafetería o disfrutando de tu museo favorito, dile que tu familia/hermano/pareja te están esperando en el hotel, o que vives ahí. No hay porque dejarle saber que estás sola 🤷🏽‍♀️

✨️Manda tu ubicación en tiempo real a algún familiar (sobre todo si sales por la tarde noche) e intenta aprenderte el recorrido que vayas a hacer sin mirar constantemente el Google Maps y dar la impresión que estás "perdida"

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