The 10 must-have songs on your travel playlist

Here we go again: airport, backpack, the waiting room…and a pair of earphones that you’ll need to isolate yourself from the din of people and get into “airplane” mode.

The moment before boarding and taking off on the flight that will take us to a new destination is undoubtedly among my favorites of a trip. Trepidation, adrenaline and excitement accompany every moment of the new adventure into “the unknown”!

Personally, traveling a lot solo, I like to isolate myself in this first phase to allow myself to disconnect from the “routine” and jump into the “vacation” mood. So before departure, I scrupulously prepare a playlist so that each song can remind me of every single moment of the trip!

The magical power of music

From flamenco to sirtaki, from the gentle melodies of the Pan flute to the drums of typical African songs…music is a whole partof a people’s culture and prepares us to fully immerse ourselves in it. Therefore, for me, carefully choosing each piece that will accompany me on the journey is almost a magical ritual! Since music has this kind of power: it can make us imagine, touch and feel countries, customs and atmospheres even if they are not materially close to us.

If you also like making your moments unforgettable by listening to your favorite songs, which helps you remember every place and experience during your trip, then keep reading this article!

As the world music scene is enormously vast, I decided to make a list of the most beautiful and meaningful songs, internationally, about travel (physical and not), so that it can accompany your every new beginning and adventure.

The soundtrack that will accompany you on all your journeys

It’s time: sit down, headphones to your ears and “fasten your seatbelts!”, we are already in the clouds…in every sense!

Here are the 10 must-have songs on your travel playlist.

  1. BUON VIAGGIO by Cesare Cremonini: a hymn full of love and happiness that incites us to travel and find our way, remaining aware that those who love us will always be waiting us and that, wherever we go, we are never alone because love is always within us!
  2. LE VENT NOUS PORTERA by Noir Désir: melancholy notes that, almost like a lullaby, lull us, giving us the courage and confidence that we will always have “the wind on our side that will guide us”. For every new adventure, whether it is a journey of pleasure, or “the” journey that will change your life, you need to be able to count on that “greater strength” that gives us the drive to pursue whatever we want.
  3. FAST CAR by Tracy Chapman: in her song the singer talks about a liberating journey, a love and its future. The protagonist tries to start her life over, putting all her problems behind her, aboard a car that will fastly take her far away, because often a journey is nothing more than the need for a new beginning.
  4. THE SUN by Parov Stelar: in the song, the author hymns to the knowledge that many of us already have: traveling makes us alive! He calls himself a “traveler” who follows the sun, and thus the journey represents “the light” that illuminates and guides his life (another wanderluster, don’t you think?).
  5. HOTEL CALIFORNIA By the Eagles: one of the most beautiful pieces of music history! A “dreamlike” journey inside oneself, an imaginary in some ways heavenly, in others hellish, confusing…exactly what each of us has in his/her inner world! And while well the author tries to “escape from the dream,” the man reminds him that he can’t really do that…because we are constantly traveling in self-discovery.
  6. ROAD TRIPPING by the Red Hot Chili Peppers: in this song, they tell us about a carefree trip among friends, the scenery of a sunlit landscape, smiles and the desire to conquer freedom and serenity. Who has not gone through this stage of his life?

7. ME VOY DE VIAJES SOLITO by Mera: a wonderful, “easy” ballad that releases such a longing for escape and freedom, to live totally in solitude, to discover new emotions, to enrich one’s life and to know oneself thoroughly. Needless to say, it is an absolute inspiration to me! (If you too want to embark on the solo travel experience, remember that you can count on “My Friend In” services.)

8. LA VUELTA AL MUNDO by Calle 13: This song is an ode to travel and breaking with the standards of society and routine! Full of excitement and passion for discovery, the author conveys his thirst for knowledge of all that is “después del mar,” beyond the sea – in other words, the unknown! The courage to leave the certain, for freedom, accompanied by someone really special to us…what better setting to start traveling than this?

9. MI PARAÍSO by El Vega Life: an anthem celebrating one of the most beautiful archipelagos existing on our planet: that of the Canary Islands (sorry if I’m a bit biased! ;P ). The sweet description of this earthly paradise, where sea, sun, joy, cheerfulness and serenity hover in people’s hearts and in the streets. A lifelong dream, the trip we should all take sooner or later!

10. BORN TO BE WILD by Steppenwolf: a song full of energy and vital charge, reminding us that we are born free, with an irrepressible need to go and explore everything beyond “our places” of comfort.

BONUS TRACK: VOLARE by Domenico Modugno: yes, this national “anthem” and Italian pride could not be missed. One of the most famous and played songs in the world, the one that makes you dream, makes you remember the great excitement and sense of absolute freedom that no one can ever take away from you: flying and traveling higher, in the blue painted blue! Metaphorically, or physically, it conveys a sense of lightness and peace that only those who travel can know…and the cheerfulness with which the piece is sung makes us love freedom even more!

Which other songs would you add to this list? I’ll be waiting for you on Instagram, let me know in the comments!


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