The only coffee plantation in Europe

Associated with the idea of tropical islands, exotic places and remote locations in Africa, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Known for its stimulating properties, it helps improve memory and learning ability.

The most suitable climate for the cultivation of coffee plants is hot and humid, and that is why if we think about the origin of the coffee, the first territories that come to mind are Colombia, Brazil or Ethiopia.

But did you know that there is a coffee plantation in Europe as well, and that it is located on one of the islands of the Canarian archipelago?

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The Agaete Valley and the coffee plantations

On the island of Gran Canaria, on the North West coast, there is a small village called Agaete. This is divided into a maritime area, called Puerto de Las Nieves, and a part that goes towards the greenest and wildest area of the island, bordering the Tamadaba Nature Reserve.

And it is precisely here that, thanks to the particular climatic and soil conditions, a singular “phenomenon” occurs in Europe. Now 200 years ago, the cultivation of the coffee plant was started, which made this place unique on the island and in the whole world.

caffè europeo

As you enter the Agaete Valley, you will begin to admire a verdant, rich landscape that will remind you of tropical scenery (to me, for example, it brings to mind Cuba and the Sierra del Escambray).

Here you can visit one of the farms specializing in the production of coffee. I chose to visit ” Finca los Castaños “, as it offers the possibility of taking a guided tour inside the company, with coffee tasting.

Also, the owners themselves own a quality coffee shop in the center of Las Palmas, which I will tell you about later!

Inside the Finca you will have the opportunity to learn about the coffee processing, starting from the berry to the final drink!

In fact, during the tour (which costs € 8.00 for adults and free for children under 12) you will discover all the steps in the processing of this fruit: starting from the plantation and selection of the beans, passing through the roasted and their roasting, to finish with the tasting of one of the delicious qualities of Arabica coffee produced on site.

In short, a unique visit thanks to which, if you are passionate about coffee like me, you can witness the whole transformation phase of this plant: from the red berry to the ” black gold ” beverage!

It is a really interesting experience, which opened up a world to me about coffee varieties: starting from the basic subdivision into Arabica and Robusta, to go into the details of specialty coffee. And for the more curious, you could participate in one of the courses, seminars or tastings organized on site. A journey (of the senses) within the journey! This is what I consider to fully experience the place and the typicality. Do you agree with me?

Also, remember that it is the only coffee plantation you can visit in Europe, so you shouldn’t miss it!

Finally, as I mentioned before, you will be able to taste all the varieties of specialty coffees cultivated in the “Los Castaños farm” (or imported from the best plantations in the world), at the ” Cafeteros, Coffee Roasters ” café.

Cafeteros, Coffee roasters

This is one of the best coffee shops in Las Palmas! The atmosphere is intimate and welcoming, they also have an assorted selection of healthy and tasty toasts, sandwiches and desserts to accompany your quality coffee. The products they use are always fresh and seasonal, and what I like most is that you can admire the process of making coffee (whether espresso, filter, or cold extraction) made on the spot.

Cafeteros Coffee Roasters

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