When to travel to the Canary Islands?

The best time to visit the Canarian archipelago

The Canary Islands are famous for having mild temperatures year-round, making it an ideal destination in any season, but is there a better time to travel to the Canary Islands and make the most of what the Spanish archipelago has to offer? Yes, and in this article I will reveal what is the perfect time to visit them and why.

Volcanoes or deserts, social life or solitary adventures: activities for all tastes and seasons

To choose when to plan your trip to the Canary Islands, you must first have an idea of what you would like to see and do-the activities and landscapes offered by these lands are indeed numerous and unique. From lovers of long days at the beach to adventurers seeking trekking, there is something for everyone here.

For nature lovers who want to make the most of every view, whether it is the mountainous landscapes such as Gran Canaria’s Roque Nublo or the volcanic ones of Lanzarote, or even, the wilder islands such as La Gomera and La Graciosa, an important factor to take into account is the climate. Although temperatures vary little throughout the year, summers can prove particularly hot. Scheduling your trip during the cooler months can be a good idea to avoid passing out in the hot sun and be able to walk several hours a day.

If you dream of spending entire days in your swimsuit splashing in crystal-clear waters and returning home with a tan to be envied, you should keep in mind that since these are ocean waters, the sea temperatures will never be excessively warm. In this case, a nice trip in the summer, perhaps to Fuerteventura, where there is no shortage of wind, or at the end of the high season, may be for you.

If, on the other hand, you love getting lost in the narrow streets of villages, wandering around local markets, and sampling local dishes, the factors to take into account are economic and tourist factors. As for the latter, the comings and goings of people are never lacking, thus ensuring the possibility of enjoying events and social life throughout the year; what varies, however, is the price: Planning travel in the off-season, avoiding holiday periods, is the best strategy for unique experiences at an affordable price.

The best time for your trip to the Canary Islands

As we have seen, the best time of year for a trip to the Canary Islands may depend on the type of activities you want to do during your stay, however some times of the year prove better than others, allowing you to enjoy an all-around Canarian experience.

The months of October and November and those from March to May have all the makings of an unforgettable trip. The reason why these are the best months to visit the islands are various, let’s see them together:

  • temperatures are ideal for all sorts of treks and hikes: warm enough to travel light, but not torrid enough to make the climb an interminable chore;

  • In late summer-autumn the sea water temperature reaches its maximum values, having had all summer to build up heat. Then, in spring, simply venture into the more sheltered coves or natural pools to ensure a pleasant swim.

  • mass tourism is less present, leading to a drastic drop in prices, making it easier to find lodging and indulge in dining out or exploratory boat trips.

  • the off-season (which, however, in the Canaries continues to be “high season”) is also the preferred time for many digital nomads and full-time travelers to spend extended periods in the Canaries. So there will be no shortage of opportunities for socializing and getting to know each other: if you are looking for people who share your lifestyle or with whom to connect, you will have no trouble finding them here. – If the idea of embarking on this adventure alone, however, intimidates you and you want to make sure you have a friendly face when you arrive, check out my My Friend In service, it may be just what you’re looking for!

Whatever period you choose, I am sure it will be an unforgettable trip: the Canary Islands know how to give great emotions and spectacular landscapes. It only remains for me to wish you a safe journey!


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