The 10 must-have songs on your travel playlist

10 canzoni per la tua playlist di viaggio

Here we go again: airport, backpack, the waiting room…and a pair of earphones that you’ll need to isolate yourself from the din of people and get into “airplane” mode. The moment before boarding and taking off on the flight that will take us to a new destination is undoubtedly among my favorites of a trip. […]

Traveling to find yourself: 4 unusual items to put in your backpack

must have zaino da viaggio

Travel as a means of finding oneself is certainly nothing new: for centuries human beings have been wandering in search of themselves, and I am sure that at least once you too have felt lost and decided that a ticket to an unknown destination was the solution. Maybe you are thinking right now about going […]

The best books on personal growth

libri per la crescita personale

In this article you will find 5 books on personal growth that you absolutely must read, write them down so you don’t miss them! But first, let’s understand together why each of us should do self-growth-themed readings. Why is it important to read about personal growth If reading was once a privilege for the few, […]